By Sheeba Muskaan

Egypt being rich in culture, nature and adventure is a place that has to be a part of one’s bucket list destinations. This place never fails to surprise tourists, from their marvelous sand-covered tombs to the Sahara. The ancient stories from their past rulers are stunning to hear and experience among their surroundings. Visiting Egypt between Octobers to April will be perfect for an exciting vacation. It has very soothing and calm weather conditions during this time.


The biggest city here in Egypt, everyone will first land here, it homes the Pyramids of Giza and the astounding Sphinx. One can also visit Coptic Cairo here that gives you the most serene vibes from their famous Hanging Church to other small Christian localities that will keep one beguiled. The place has an interesting market, walking along the streets finding bookshops and much more among these markets is the most satisfying feeling for a tourist.

Mosques here are eye-catching, the most significant beauties of this place, especially the mosque of Muhammad Ali. The architecture of these mosques is absolutely breath-taking. A very famous trade center called the Khan El-Khalili or the Cairo Bazaar is very popular for selling souvenirs and one can relax as the sun sets with a cup of coffee.


A coastal city in Egypt, Alexandria named after Alexander the Great, the city is popular for its historical aspects. The City of Qaitbay, Montaza Palace and the Library of Alexandria are places that one must visit. One can travel in buses or trains to visit Alexandria and spend one whole day at this city while also savor into their delicious seafood.


Once in Aswan, a trip to Abu Simbel would be apt, it is the most historical attractions of Egypt which ruins of Nubian between the border of Sudan and Egypt. One can see huge statues which are just bewildering. Temples of Queen Nefertari, temple carved mountain and much more will keep one enthralled. By the evening one can relax and watch the sunset across River Nile.


The Valley of the Kings and Mortuary Temple of Queen Hatshepsut are located at Luxor as it used to be the capital city of ancient Egypt. Other attractive historical sites here are the Medinet Habu Temple and the Colossi of Memnon. In the beauty of the deserts, the perfect activity would be to get onto a hot air balloon trip to watch the sunrise. Luxor is definitely incomplete without the hot air balloon tours.

Spending two to three days in each city is ideal as there is a lot to do and see. The cities are filled with a lot of tradition and chronicle, an ultimate to travel and history.


By Sheeba Muskaan

A destination loved and preferred by most in the Middle-East, a destination if you want to relax by the sea or enjoy water activities especially scuba diving. It is a place that is extremely diverse and has a lot to see and do. The deserts of Wadi Rum, The Dead Sea and the ruins of Petra will take your breath away! The Citadel and infinite other locations are an absolute treat for your eyes.


Traditions and cultures here at Amman are beautiful; the city offers modern life along with retaining its history and also contributing to the sandiest experience. The city houses the Roman Temple of Hercules, it gives a complete experience of the 8th century Umayyad Palace Complex and the city is just three hours away from Petra. Amman is exciting and epic by itself! Best times to visit this place are anytime between March and May and September to early November when it is not excessively hot. Indulge in the cultures and cuisines here. A few other places in Amman are Rainbow Street, Abdoun, Al Hussein Public Park, Shmeisani and Downtown Amman, places that are absolutely stunning.

The Dead Sea

One of the top things to include in your Jordan itinerary is the Dead Sea, one day here is more than enough, the sea is the border of Israel and Jordan, the water allows you to float effortlessly throughout making it the most relaxing experience. Heading to the Dead Sea one hour before Sunset is the best thing to do here, as it offers the most beautiful view. The water is extremely salty; hence one cannot be in water for more than 20 minutes because it is immensely dehydrating. Tourists here cover themselves in mud as a fun activity which is also therapeutic.


A UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the New Seven Wonders of the Modern World, Petra has boundless history and architectural wonders. Visiting Petra during cooler times is perfect to explore the city and one will need around two days here to make the most out of it. Important sites include Treasury and the Royal Tombs. Walking down the streets of Petra visiting all the places that come your way is the perfect way to understand this beautiful yet magnificent place.


The Red Sea here is perfect for diving especially if you are solo traveling. Taking the cruises, savoring into their delicious Seafood is a must-try. In Aqaba there are amazing wreck dives and you can also spot a lot of turtles, lionfish, blue-spotted rays and much more. A sunken tank is very popular here where a lot of eels, scorpionfish and other species have made home.

Wadi Rum

This place is less sandy and has a lot of mountains which makes the scenic views very eye-catchy. It is also known as the Valley of the Moon as the moon from here is alluringly visible to the naked eye among the red and orange mountains. Hiking is popular here and some of the most spectacular locations at Wadi Rum are Abu Kashaba Canyon, Anfashieh Inscriptions, Red Sand Dunes, Seven Pillars of Wisdow and many more.

Jordan is the perfect place for explorers and nature lovers. This place has it all in one.


By Sheeba Muskaan

Chile the name itself is associated with the most remarkable moon, from stars to amazing views from the Earth, Chile is a beauty. Chile is located in South America, with stunning landscapes, rugged mounts and unusual rock formations with magnificent colours and textures. This place will take your breath away!

San Pedro De Atacama

Ethnicity from post cards to ancient towns, this place is popular for its endless beauty. Traditions in this place are beautiful in churches, streets and even through local art in Peublo De Artesanos. People here do not hurry with time; one will feel relaxed among them and witness the calmest vacation here. Old Square has customs that will fascinate one from its cultural and to a gastronomical experience. The active geysers, blue lagoons and an extraordinary valley to witness the moon from the dunes are perfect to visit during your trip. Head to the driest desert and watch the stars from this terrene for the most complete escapade.


From the Labyrinthine hills to the Bohemian culture, this place is perfect for the writer in you, it is inspiring yet serene. Take a stroll along its narrow streets with infinite stars above, spend some time at the carnivals and have the best parties at the sea. Seafood here is heavenly and it is amazing to explorer history here! La Joya a city of navy, the building will leave you awestruck and bewildered.


A cosmopolitan city filled with colour, energy and way of life is popular for its landscape and great flavors apart from the beauty of its happening festivals. The nightlife here is entertaining because of its vibrant bars, cafes and restaurants. The city is filled with art galleries, a beauty by itself! Enjoy exciting craft fairs around the town. Head to the markets, visit the museums and most importantly visit Andes Mountains to conclude it with a small picnic. Alonso De Cordoba is famous for shopping here that sells attractive souvenirs.


Big Island of magic, knowns for its traditions, astonishing nature and incomparable cuisine; will take one by surprise. Picturesque stilt houses build on houses is just amazing to see at Chiloe. Churches are pleasing and alluring to enjoy the stories and myths of towns at this place. Trekking and kayaking is lovely at Tantauco National Park in Chiloe.

Torres Del Paine

Being the eighth wonder of the world, this place is gorgeous because of its turquoise blue waters, glaciers and stunning landscapes. Nature here is absolutely overwhelming! Sunrise here is sacred because of Torres Del Paine Massif that is dyed purple and red which makes the view phenomenal. Kayaking among icebergs is just a sight never to be missed.

Rapa Nui

True culture is discovered at Rapa Nui, interaction with its inhabitants is an experience on its own. Visiting festivals and getting into art here are the most apt activities of this place. The warm waters to marine flora and fauna will keep you entertained all the time.

Chile, a place for those who need inspiration, nature and cultures that fulfil the souls.

The Great Barrier Reef

By Sheeba Muskaan

The Great Barrier Reef located in Australia is popular for its coral reef charm as the greatest in the world. The stunning golden beaches to the most scenic lush islands with over 3000 individual reef systems and cays constitute this remarkable destination.  Being one of the Natural Wonders of The World is it as long as the Great Wall of China from space and the only living thing seen from above.  A variety of activities are enjoyed here like snorkeling, scuba diving, boat rides and much more.

Cairns Tropical North Queensland

Cairns homes the Great Barrier Reef and the Wet Tropics which are two incredible destinations and World Heritage sites.  The best time to visit this place is from June to August offering the most breathtaking views. During this time one can experience underwater life the best especially seeing the marvelous whales.

The Whitsundays

A place filled with pretty views especially if one decides on flying over it, to get the most phenomenal vista of the heart island. Resorts here offer the best and most lush services to make your trip a serene yet eventful escapade. The white sand will keep ones feet warm at the Whitehaven Beach with extremely clear waters that makes the trip memorable.  

Mackay Region

Relax with Kangaroos and wallabies at this region particularly in national parks here, Mackay is filled with bushes and one can take a stroll on the coast of beach while experience a time to themselves with less crowd. The forest here is an absolute vision! This place caters to 31 beaches, go ahead and try them all, it is a delight.

Capricorn Region

The beef capital of Australia, it is rich is history, beaches at your doorstep and famous for its Gemfields and National Parks. This place has a busy cities and reasonable accommodation for tourists as well as luxurious resorts to fulfill your dreams. Trying out the food and traditions here would be a good thing to include while visiting this cultural region amidst the island hopping and deep sea diving.

Bundarberg North Burnett

Most of Australia’s produce comes from this place, and is the south most place of the Great Barrier Reef housing many marine turtles. It is well-known for sugar cane farming the perfect place to dive or snorkel. If you want to see these little turtle the best time to visit would be around November to March while one can see them lay eggs as well. A view to cherish!

A few other places at The Great Barrier Reef would be the Fraser Coast, The Wild North, Gladestone Region, Palm Cove, Kuranda, Fitzroy, Daintree Rainforest, Lady Elliot Island to keep in mind and to make the best out of this splendid trip. A tour to this place will remain noteworthy and unique for everyone from views, to history and the lush greens surrounded by the great waters.

Canada – Travel Guide

By Sheeba Muskaan

A place that must be on your top ten destinations, as the country offers a very vibrant culture, delicious food, stunning views and is also known for its pure and perfect beauty. There are a number of places and things to do while one visits Canada. The most exciting fact about this extraordinary country is that it houses sixteen UNESCO World Heritage Sites, absolutely breathtaking!

Weather, Food and Language

The country has a vast landscape, depending on different parts of it, one can pack according to that particular places temperature. It is best to travel to Canada during the fall and spring seasons. Because winters here are extreme and summers are filled with the hustle and bustle of the locals as they get all their work done during that time. Whistler and Mont Tremblant are the best places to visit during winter for skiing and other activities in the snow. Definitely spectacular to experience the cold!

People in Canada speak in English however a large number of people speak in French as there are a lot of French communities here. The food in Canada especially their staples is the most appetizing kind.  In British Columbia one will find a lot of beer, especially because of their craft beer culture apart from which they are also popular for food trucks with a variety of international cuisines. It indeed is a delight!

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls being one of the best tourists sightseeing in Ontario, it is best enjoyed when seen from another perspective. Hornblower Cruiser will give you a spectacular view, through many cave entries; being so close to the falls that sooths you with the sound of water gushing down and lastly the White Water Walk that allows one to take a stroll along the Niagara River.


This place is great for hiking trails, has amazing mountain views, fun and calm camping groups and lodges, Banff is a very popular national park that is a dream come true! Accessibility here is convenient as they have public buses that show you around the main attractions such as Lake Minewanka and Cascade Ponds.


Whistler is well known for its mountains, villages, skiing, snowboarding and golf, it is also famous for bars, restaurants and their accommodation is very budget friendly. This is surely, a place for mountain biking too. The view from two most distinguished mountains is very picturesque.


Unique and vibrant Montreal offers a very bright neighborhood with amazing shops, restaurants and a very lively nightlife. Little Italy is also very popular here that gives you an Italian and French vibe with a Canadian culture.


Take a tour around Vancouver for beer; it is renowned for its breweries accompanied with food from food trucks that have delish food and then head to the Stanley Park a wild backyard with a zoo, swimming pools, beaches and epic landmarks around the city. The Market here is perfect for baked goods and plump fruit and for their preserves.

Other destinations in Canada would be Toronto, Quebec City that has a lot to offer for tourists. From activities to food and culture and from beautiful destinations to safety, Canada is ideal for a fun trip.

Kuala Terengganu(Malaysia)–Best Destinations

By Sheeba Muskaan

Being the capital state of Terengganu, it carries a vast heritage and traditional activities. The place has attractive islands, villages and towns that offer a lot for the tourists. From mussel picking to fishing, visiting museums and walking along the sandy beaches, this place is surely diverse with Malay and Chinese culture. The food here is lip-smacking because of the delicious sea-food served in different styles.

Pantai Batu Buruk

The most relaxing beach in Malaysia, offers its tourists a beautiful view and exciting entertainment near the coast as the cultural centre is located very close to this beach. This place is wonderful for long walks during the evenings.


Walk through Chinatown and you will find beautiful traditional stores and houses as it was built by the Chinese during the 19th century. It is popular for its Chinese food, art and streets. It is an absolute treat for the eyes.

Pulau Duyung

This is an island, for which one has to take a ferry from Terengganu, the ride is beautiful with cool breeze and stunning vantage point views. The boating system is still very fascinating because they follow the building boats the same way from over centuries. The beaches here have a bioluminescence effect at nights, it is a dream come true to see the water glow!

Central Market

Several floors of happiness, the market is a huge colourful building, where the ground floor is fully dedicated to meat, fish and fresh vegetables and the upper floors are filled with traditional textiles, souvenir’s sold at an inexpensive price and endless products. One could probably spend half a day here.

Pulau Redang

Pulau Redang or the Redang Island is a spectacular getaway from the capital; it is popular for its water activities such as diving and snorkeling to catch a sight of the innumerable species of fish and bewildering corals. It is a perfect place to experience tranquility!

The Crystal Mosque

The most attractive mosque in Malaysia also known as Masjid Kristal is a place of worship for the muslims, a mosque that is very modern and also carries a huge chandelier in the worship hall made of crystals that makes the mosque stand out in the whole of Malaysia. 

The mosque is also made of steel and glass and offers a good wifi connection so that people can read the Quran from the electronic devices. The mosque is mostly visited at night as it sparkles and illuminates light in pink, green, yellow, and blue under the dark sky.  

Terengganu is a great place for experiencing various activities, such as drinking their most pure and real espresso and cappuccinos especially at Star Anise. Apart from which, one could also get onto their tour bus, The Cas Ligas that offers a unique experience and also shows the important places around town.

Multiple other places will keep you entertained to give you a complete Malay escapade.


Offering popular sites and yet the best of nature!

By Sheeba Muskaan

California houses happening cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles and offers many attractive sites like the Disneyland, Golden Gate Bridge and Hollywood. However it also offers amazing outdoor activities because of its wonderful beaches, tall trees, national parks, mountains and stunning coastal areas. An opportunity to travel to California is definitely a dream come true.

San Francisco

San Francisco is a beauty in itself; it is one of the most pleasing cities of America. It has the vast ocean, breathtaking hill views, epic historic sites and a bewildering green setup that also makes it culturally galvanizing. The City holds the most illustrious Golden Gate Bridge that is one of the reasons people want to visit this place. This bridge is a beauty even from afar when it rises from within the fog that covers most of this area. It is a stunning view amidst the ocean and gives one an experience to go drive over it or even walk.

Yosemite National Park

The park is spectacular and most visited national park in America. It is popular for its scenic view, mountains, valleys, waterfalls and much more. Most activities take place in the Yosemite Valley; here the huge waterfalls and granite walls are incredible to see. People have the opportunity to spend nights here and take on some hiking trails that will take you all the way to the mountain top. Long walks by the stream are just alluring at this place.


Disneyland located in Anaheim, has been a famous destination for families over years. It is a place filled with fun and frolic activities, hotels, restaurants, rides, games, shows and many more entertaining activities. The place does not just have parks to visit but also shopping complexes that one must always keep in mind while visiting Disneyland.

Newport Beach

This beach will leave one awestruck as it offers the most unique and best experience. The beach is great for water activities and is the best at night when it is lit due to the movement of water that makes the algae glow. Many surfers prefer surfing during this time. The view is just unbelievable and is the brightest during new moon nights. It is indeed a treat for the soul.

Redwood National and State Parks

These parks have giant trees that are 300 feet above ground level; these old and tallest trees in the planet are the biggest treasures of California. While visiting these trees it feels like another world. It is absolutely one of a kind. Hiking and camping are popular in these parks along the Northern California Coast.

Few of the other famous places to visit in California are the Death Valley, a beautiful desert area; Lake Tahoe; Joshua Tree National Park; Universal Studios Hollywood; SeaWorld San Diego and many others. It is time to make a list of the wonderful places you would want to visit in California.


By Sheeba Muskaan

Surround yourself with nature, culture and history.

Azerbaijan is a country that gives one a blend of history, nature, the east and the west because of its borders that include Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Iran and Turkey. There is not one single reason to visit this astonishing beauty; it in fact has multiple reasons to take a visit. Azerbaijan is located at the crossroads of Southwest Asia and South-eastern Europe.

It is also very economical in terms of stay, food and travel as they are well-known for their Oil Industries. From high mountains, hot deserts and green meadows to old historic towns, it covers them all. If one is a big fan of seeing barren lands of volcano, Azerbaijan has 50% on mud volcano in the world. People of this place might not know English but they sure are very welcoming and helpful.


Baku is a mixture of old and new, Baku being the capital surprises one with their fine dining restaurants, clean roads, and a few historic towns as well. The place is very modern yet retains their cultural heritage thoroughly. Baku is popular for their weaving industry and carpets, the very famous Carpet Museum will leave every tourist in awe.

The museum gives enough knowledge on their various carpets and the growth of it over the years.  The candy Cane Mountains are just unbelievable and lie between Baku and Quba. These mountains are picturesque; it is a view of beautifully red and white striped peaks that look like candy. These peaks are a part of the Great Caucasus mountain ranges.


Shamakhi, an ancient capital of Azerbaijan is filled with stunning mountains, forests and meadows. A few places to visit in Shamakhi are Fortress Gulistan, a structure representing the history of the place; Yeddi Gumbez or the seven domes are the tombstones from ancient times; Diri Baba, an individualistic monument from historic times that is very famous for its architecture and lastly; The Juma Mosque, a place of worship from the 8th century. These places represent traditional aspects and surely fulfils ones trip to this stunning destination.

Lake Goygol

This lake is the most beautiful places and is surrounded by dense forests. The lake was created because of an earthquake many years ago. The Lake is best to see during the summer. The nearby villages keep the tourists entertained during their visit to the lake.

A few other places to visit in Azerbaijan would be Ganja, Ateshgah & Yanardag, Quba & Xinaliq, Laza and so on.

Azerbaijan is absolutely loved by all people; a trip to a place that has it all is definitely worth the money!

The Dreamy Northern Lights or the Aurora Borealis – Plan Ahead

By Sheeba Muskaan

Travel, for the soul and for the destination.

Everyone loves looking at a sky full of stars, but the Aurora Borealis, one of a kind, the brightest lights in the sky around the Polar Regions is definitely bucket list worthy. The Northern lights or Aurora is a beauty for the eyes but there are few things to keep in mind before planning a visit. The Aurora is unpredictable hence the following should be considered:

When to see these stars dancing in the sky?

The right time to consider sighting the Aurora would be during winter only because the nights are much longer and there would be enough time for the stargazers apart from the fact that this stunning glow will not be visible all year long. The best time would be from November to February, but also be prepared to layer up with enough sweaters.

Finding the right location

The lights are better visible in some countries than the others, some brighter and some take place more frequently, settling for the right place for the Northern Lights can be confusing hence it is best if the destination is given consideration too which is very significant to make it a great vacation. The well-known places to see this unbelievable view would be Iceland, Greenland, Russia, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Alaska and Canada.

Considering the forecast

As important as it is to keep a track of the weather forecast during a vacation, keeping a forecast on the Northern Lights is equally important to visit it during the time it is at its brightest. The lights have different colors and frequencies on different days hence plan your trip according to this! It is best to consider when Kp=3 or higher than this, usually the brightest!

Days of Stay

The lights are usually visible for three nights in a row; hence it is best to stay for five days to not miss this chance. During the day go around the destination and explore, after all every place on earth is beauty in itself and extremely unique.

Means of commute and book ahead!

It is usually best when one drives upto to the spot from where they would prefer seeing the Northern Lights, it is a personal choice, and there are also many tour operators that help you with the right spots for the best view. Also remember to book this trip in advance

for the best view. Also remember to book this trip in advance that will help one save up on tickets and plan according to the stars.

Face the right direction during the right weather

The weather plays an important role here; if it starts to rain the lights would not be visible and once you are in the Northern part of the world, remember to also face north side from where one will be able to see the lights.

Other details to keep in mind

Snacks are something you must consider carrying as there is going to be a long walk ahead, definitely worth it! Sweaters and good shoes that help you stay warm while you walk into the dark away from urban lights to see the sky at its brightest would be preferable. Carrying the right kind of camera would be perfect to help you get the best shots to add your collection of memories.

It is never too early or late to plan a trip to see this serene yet massive and beautiful view, this could be a goal to achieve for the coming year.

Camden Windjammer Festival-Maine

By Sheeba Muskaan

From the various events held in MidCoast Maine, one of the best to experience would be the Camden Windjammer Festival that takes place on the Labour Day weekend when the city celebrates this festival of the sailing vessels. This exciting festival is great for people of all ages, locals and other visitors. The festival focuses on gathering sailing ships which is the largest, globally and organizes fun and eventful activities. This is mostly held at the Harbor Park near Camden Public Library.

Usually the event starts off with a parade of all the sailing ships, windjammers and schooners followed by a narration of each ships history, something a tourist will enjoy! The welcome ceremony for the windjammer fleet is just fascinating and beautiful. The sailing of the ships does not end until the weekend is over, people can enjoy watching this spectacular festival along with participation in their activities.

On both days of the festival one can see the displays of this heritage and are accessible as well. There is a treasure hunt that takes place as well for visitors and locals, with multiple clues, riddles and some exciting treasures to explore. One can also attend the auction of Windjammers that is held at the place along with a dinner for gastronomical experience. One can also see fireworks on the sailing vessels, a view to capture for life!

The festival will also have an array of food vendors, restaurants and a variety of stores which will be open during the festival with a vast variety for their guests. Some of the best restaurants of Camden are located at this festivals venue. The crowd can also head to their enthusiastic concert that is held at the Harbor Park. The concert is called the Ensemble Concert, is it a community with volunteers and a band from Rockland who keep the people entertained. The concert is followed by a talent show and stunning fireworks.

The festival also has a Nautical Dog Show where visitors can register online and walk the downtown area along with their little pets; it is one of the best pet-friendly things to do in Camden. The town has old ship captain’s homes, boathouses, theater and buildings that were once woolen mills. The festival is known for their famous Pancakes Breakfast too.

The lobster crate race and first fish relay are popular that involved running across a line of lobster crates without falling into water and their fish relay involves teams carrying slippery fish and tossing them into the hold of a ship. These races are loved by the people. For kids, there is an activity that allows them to create their own miniature boats for which they can win trophies.

Camden Festival goes on and on with a number of events and activities that do not end, this festival is one of a kind and cannot be missed in a lifetime.